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Hi I’m Gabrielle!

I have been a professional photographer for over a decade... wow, that makes me feel old, haha. After receiving my degree in Photography, my passion led me to photograph people, mostly couples and families. I love what I do and feel totally blessed that this is my job.

Some fun stuff...

  • My son Reed is my moon and stars. He teaches me every day what unconditional love is. My husband is also the love of my life and I consider him to be my best friend.
  • I own a Parson Jack Russell Terrier who is a total rascal. He has curly hair and is often mistaken for a poodle.
  • I love Hawaii and I love to travel.
  • I also love to hike, cook, dance in my undies and sing loudly in the car.
  • I am an extremely punctual person ( I mean, like OCD punctual) I can guarantee I will be there at least 15 min early to your photo session.
  • If you hire me for your wedding, I may bust a move on the dance floor. Music is contagious and sometimes I just can't help myself... I have been known to lead the electric slide once or twice.
  • I know when it's time to go-with-the-flow and when it's time to take charge (in the nicest way possible)

I look forward to connecting with you!