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Gabrielle Fox Photography Blog

Gabrielle Fox Photography is a San Diego based photographer that specializes in weddings and portraits.

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My family portraits

Gabrielle Fox

After posting this blog post of all my clients and their gorgeous families, I thought it would be nice to share with you my own family portraits taken last month. I find that even though I'm a photographer it's hard for me to keep up with documenting my own family... and I'm hardly ever in any of the photos! So it's important for me as well to hire a photographer to update our family heirlooms at least once a year. I'm also making a promise to myself to take more photos (and video) of my son Reed this year. He is growing up way too fast! Thank you to Chelsea Anne Photography for capturing these beautiful memories for us!


Gabrielle Fox

As I reflect back on this past year I feel so grateful for the opportunity I have as an artist and business owner to connect with people and live my passion. This year my portrait business has really grown... thanks to the continued support and referrals from my awesome clients! I wanted to share with you a sample of the moments I captured in 2013. Eventually I will catch up to blogging most of these sessions (hellooooo new years resolution) but I wanted to make sure to give a big shout out to my past portrait clients and a huge THANK YOU for making 2013 a year to remember!!

So here goes my....

See more of this one year birthday shoot here

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See more of this ladybug birthday party here

See more of this 4th of July shoot here

See more of this beach maternity session here

Look forward to seeing you in 2014!


4th of July shoot

Gabrielle Fox

So I haven't posted anything personal in awhile. It's a busy life as a mom, wife and professional photographer. Our son Reed has grown into toddlerhood and is looking more and more like a little boy each day. He is talking up a storm and makes us laugh with his cute sense of humor. This is a fun age and also a challenge as we approach the "terrible twos" (ahhhhh) But it is amazing to see him growing into his own self. Last week we traveled to Marin county (specifically Bolinas, CA) to visit his grandparents and my home town. I hardly ever take photos on vacation, weird right, but when I'm on vacay I like to leave the camera & the phone at home and enjoy the moment. But I could not resist taking some portraits of Reed in his 4th of July outfit, a vintage suit that his grandmother found in Nebraska. We headed down to our friend's organic farm which provided the perfect backdrop for this classic Americana style shoot.

Hope you enjoy.  - G


Life's miracles

Gabrielle Fox

So this summer something terrible happened... I lost my engagement ring. Yes, I lost my engagement ring.  For anyone who is married or is getting married you know how devastating this is... not only for it's financial value but more for it's sentimental value. I was totally distraught. And no, it wasn't insured. So I had to move on, accept my mistake and the hardest part, forgive myself for being careless. I figured we would just have to go with a simple wedding band for the wedding and then later down the road perhaps replace my beautiful engagement ring.

Fast forward to the other day... By some miraculous turn of events a ring is brought into my life. And it's beautiful. And we can afford it! Everything about this wedding we are planning is just turning out magical. Whatever we need is right there, from the perfect dress that was gifted to me to the awesome venue at a family member's home. I just have to always remember that I am completely and utterly taken care of. Never to forget that. And to open to more and more of life's miracles. This post is to remind me.

Reed turns 6 months old

Gabrielle Fox

Today is Reed's 6 month birthday! Wow what a wild ride it's been. Transitioning to being parents has been such a huge life change and although difficult at times it has been so incredibly fulfilling. I never knew I could love someone like this. Every inch of him is just amazing to me and I feel so lucky I get to know him and find out who this little person is! Lately he has become such a happy-go-lucky little dude who's always smiling, laughing and babbling in his own language. He is an absolute joy. Here is a retrospect of the last months in pictures. September 22, 2011... Reed is born early in the morning after 36 hours of hard labor. A whopping 9 lbs 11oz, big boy!

Daddy beaming as he holds Reed the first time. I love this pic..

The day we took him home from the hospital. Man we look TIRED.

2 weeks old

Roly poly sweetness

Baby's 1st Halloween

2 months old

Our Holiday portraits done by Chelsea Anne 

1st little tooth poking through

4 months old

6 months old with his beloved drum set

My other baby :)