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Gabrielle Fox Photography Blog

Gabrielle Fox Photography is a San Diego based photographer that specializes in weddings and portraits.

Life's miracles

Gabrielle Fox

So this summer something terrible happened... I lost my engagement ring. Yes, I lost my engagement ring.  For anyone who is married or is getting married you know how devastating this is... not only for it's financial value but more for it's sentimental value. I was totally distraught. And no, it wasn't insured. So I had to move on, accept my mistake and the hardest part, forgive myself for being careless. I figured we would just have to go with a simple wedding band for the wedding and then later down the road perhaps replace my beautiful engagement ring.

Fast forward to the other day... By some miraculous turn of events a ring is brought into my life. And it's beautiful. And we can afford it! Everything about this wedding we are planning is just turning out magical. Whatever we need is right there, from the perfect dress that was gifted to me to the awesome venue at a family member's home. I just have to always remember that I am completely and utterly taken care of. Never to forget that. And to open to more and more of life's miracles. This post is to remind me.