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Gabrielle Fox Photography Blog

Gabrielle Fox Photography is a San Diego based photographer that specializes in weddings and portraits.

A little mexican getaway

Gabrielle Fox

Sometimes you just need a little getaway...

To kick off the busy summer season, my husband and I headed down south for a little R&R. It was our first trip as a couple since we had our son 3 years ago. As a parent, it can sometimes be hard to justify time away... but with both of our busiest seasons on the horizon we knew it was our chance to take a break before the madness. And boy I'm so glad we did!

Let me just first say that I must be one of the world's worst "casual photographer". Honest confession: when I'm off work my camera stays in my bag at home. I'm lucky if I manage to grab a couple i-phone shots... I guess I prefer to live in the moment when I'm with family and friends. But when I travel that's my time to play, explore new surroundings and see the world fresh through my lens again.

Beauty surrounds the area where we stayed in La Punta, Manzanillo Mexico. La Punta is situated up on the cliffs overlooking Santiago bay. The views are incredible! There is a definite Mediterranean vibe with the stone streets, pure blue sky that meets the white washed buildings of the nearby Las Hadas resort (Fun fact: Bo Derek's beach scene in the movie "10" was filmed there!) Our accommodations were splendid ( can you say 24/7 margarita bar?) and we were well taken care of by Joe, Speedy and the weiner dogs of Pepe's Hideaway. And we can't forget the monkeys! So sweet to visit with Jennifer & Father Sweeny on the daily. Ok here are a few highlights from the trip. Hope you enjoy :)

manzanillo 003.jpg