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Gabrielle Fox Photography Blog

Gabrielle Fox Photography is a San Diego based photographer that specializes in weddings and portraits.

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Bolinas family photographer

Gabrielle Fox

My best friend/soul sister moved back home last year. I have to say it was tough, but I am adjusting to the miles between us because I know that our hearts are intertwined.

We have shared so much... from coming of age and exploring the freedom of our early 20s, moving together to San Diego, growing into motherhood and marriage to now, asking ourselves the big questions like what really makes us happy. I wish for her all the happiness this world has to offer and I'm so excited to watch her family blossom from this new beginning, this new life.

So glad I got to capture some photos of them last October in Bolinas. Love you guys!

marin family photographer 01.jpg
marin family photographer 02.jpg
marin family photographer 03.jpg
marin family photographer 04.jpg
marin family photographer 07.jpg
marin family photographer 08.jpg
marin family photographer 09.jpg
marin family photographer 10.jpg
marin family photographer 11.jpg
marin family photographer 14.jpg
marin family photographer 15.jpg
Of course I had to sneak in a shot of my handsome boy!

Of course I had to sneak in a shot of my handsome boy!

... And our littles together!

... And our littles together!

** If you are interested in booking a session in Bolinas/Marin/Bay Area Contact Me

I travel to the Bay Area a few time a year!